What Fertilizer And Nutrients Do My Marijuana Plants Need?

Good cannabis fertilizerLike other plants marijuana plants also require nutrients and fertilizers for effective growth and high yield. Three key fertilizers those enhancers the growth process of marijuana plants and yield maximum are nitrogen, potassium and phosphorous. Fertilizers are inorganic or organic substances those provide nutrients that are necessary for plant growth. Fertilizers increase the fertility of soil and help the plant to grow fast and effectively.

Marijuana plant cycle comprises of different stages and at each stage marijuana grower need to add effective nutrients and fertilizers. Keep in mind that there is no need to use nutrients or fertilizers during the germination stage. At that time seed is immature, chemicals in fertilizers can badly affects the growth of plant. So you do not need to use any fertilizers at least 14 days. When seed began to produce leaves and stem, then you can add nutrients and fertilizers. Usually most of marijuana experts and professionals recommend nitrogen during the initial growth phases.

Plants need different nutrients; basically cannabis plants require nitrogen during the vegetative growth for an effective growth of stem and leaves. Plants require phosphorous and potassium during the flowering stage. Experts and professional marijuana growers not recommend the use of nitrogen during the flowering phase. Potassium is much effective for good flowering, which is vital goal of marijuana grower. More nitrogen is needed during the early growth phases and more phosphorous and potassium is needed during the flowering phases.

To deliver the fertilizer and nutrients in best and excellent way, two types of fertilizers are recommended. First time release fertilizer in granular form that are mixed into the soil, second; water soluble fertilizer that are mixed with the water and used for watering the plants. Both fertilizers are suitable for both indoor and outdoor cannabis plants. Usually most of marijuana growers around the world prefer water soluble fertilizers because it allows you to adjust the nutrients level better for vegetative growth and flowering.

Beside these, some other nutrients such as silicon, iron, magnesium, zinc, sulfur etc are also used as fertilizers for an effective growth of cannabis. These nutrients aid the fertility of soil and enhance productivity. Thus for an effective growth of marijuana plants, each and every marijuana growers needs to deliver different nutrients and fertilizers at each growing stage.

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